Black businesses globally have been hit the hardest during the COVID 19 global pandemic. However, we have found this time as a people to unify via conference calls, food programs and some leaders seriously concerned about the health and safety of their people. We as black businesses need to also use our collective strength for this global unification, POST COVID 19 to protect the next generation of our leaders and our culture.




Funds of up to $500k raised by July 30, 2020 to purchase PPE's

The goal of the #BEMYB.A.I. initiative is to raise $500,000 USD in order to purchase 200,000 masks, gloves and sanitizers for black businesses in the United States in the next 60 days. This capitol will sustain this program for the next 6 months and act as a template to help unify our black people globally. We want to duplicate this program and it's goals on all 6 continents that black people live through our continental representatives.


Give FREE Personal Protective Equipment for Black Businesses

Providing PPE's for FREE to our black businesses in need will show our collective strength globally. Many black businesses have gone out of business or can't afford to comply with regulations to reopen or just can't find small quantities of PPE's to purchase. Most need to buy them in the millions and we don't have the money for that so the #BEMYB.A.I. campaign will like togive a one time FREE donation to our black businesses globally to show our collective strength around the world.


Sell PPE's to medium and large corporations to protect employees

We have seen corporations and governments spend millions of dollars on PPE's however, we have also seen a shortage in supply causing our medium and large businesses and governments not to have access to PPE's. Therefore, we will also sell PPE's to businesses and governments so that the revenue can sustain our initiative long term. Our black non profit partner (Core2Globe) will provide our supply of PPE's for all of our #B.A.I. Black Businesses and any other business that need to purchase PPE's to protect their employees and customers.

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If you are a service based black business in need of PPE's for up to 15 employees you are eligible for the FREE Donation.

If you are a service based black business in need of PPE's with more than 15 employees you are eligible to purchase PPE's from our sales team.